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do to everyone "demande" I publich the Booklet write in 2018 (anyway en update will be passed in the Package)
Some considerations:
FIRST - My IDEA of The Perpetual Calendar become a public domain when ONE LAND on EARTH make adopted

SECONDLY - I say: Social Time - New Organization
because in my IDEA, I introduce a FREE day, a Day of celebrating the passing between the years, more then that, that single day become a 48 hour day, so named " double day "

The introduction Package is at 5 euro included the book an 2 fabulous software for Win.Desktop,

Two others Calendars, the parallel with the Gregorian will be effective right, hundreds years from now on; find in the main Package.
Now excerpt from the Booklet:
For a new organization of the social time

I was an all time thinker, about the time which flies, who do not. In the early time, 40 Years ago my attention was attract to the fact that my naked Day was Saturday,

but itch time the day was a different day. So I tray to understand and I start to make a certain numeric arrangements that give the Name of the Day of a certain Date.
That was a problem many time mentioned and we have seen this algorithms in many Almanac.

The algorithm made 40 years a go was lost, but exist others in each Almanac.
The system and the logic is in my head somewhere.
Anyway the problem in the almanac is to find a passed date.
My Calendar is the Same for next 100.000 Years, no I kidding for the next million...
So will see If I have the reason, and what is the benefits.
Is not true that whit a Perpetual Calendar, we have no more need of a agenda.
But is true that on the begin of the year many agendas mast be recycled, because have no buyers, and we can't used that the date and the name of the day no more correspond.
In the Case of the Perpetual Calendar the pieces that we not sell, this year we can sell the next, that all setting of the year remain the same next year, whit the exception of the leap year ( bisect year). For the leap year I preview something !

Thinking about, the problem is very simple, if we make a little shift we can have:
- each YEAR -
- each number - (from 1 to 356)
- his unic name of the day - ( sonday, monday...)

So started this book.

Page 1


I want at present give you some interesting info about the division of times in the very social admitted unity : the Year. To arrive at the notion of Year , the social life have been obliged to understand the day light and the night. That was easy.
Now the existence of the seasons have give the Idea of the repeated time, and the notion of the Year has been accepted.
For what I tell you that? because The Madder Nature govern as!
The Year is intrinsically linked to the Solar System and this fact is named: Solar Year The Solar Year is the time that need the Earth to make a complete rotation around the Sun.
What can I say is that I find a real benefit of the new organization of time. So I make that Proposal and sustain the Idea and make visible to the world
I want to make the calendar available in the book at a next update.
Please come on the web site to be informed about the propagation of the idea.

To make the exposition short ,
George Marcu Perpetual Calendar PROPOSAL:

The Day (with DayNAME, and DayNUMBER )
in a Calendar Month


Page 2 ...etc...

Hello everyone,

What is a perpetual Calendar?
The Perpetual Calendar is a repartition of Days and Months that is the same each year!
Is not the case with the actual calendar “Gregorian Calendar”. For example each year 12 March have a different position in the “Gregorian Calendar”.
So our activity have not a acquaintances or a memory of what we to in a special Week, that we don’t know the repartition of the days in a week.
Here come in MarCubeFix, on my Fabulous 12 Months or Exceptional 13 Months Calendar all numbers are fixed for the eternity.

I do my best to confection the Perpetual Calendar, for people that spread the word I gift him with my best elements, anyway for all calendar and the Booklet I demand a smale contribution.
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For with want to contribute, buy my Booklet (v2018 - I am in the way of updating) and "The Unique Making" Perpetual Calendar.

You have 2 Packages:

1) MarCubePerpetual5EuroPackage
2)The Main Package MarcubePerpetual at 10 € that include all work.
Absolutely 30 Day money back guarantee.

Dear Friends,

choose your Package and familiarize yourself with
this facility of THE ORGANISATION of TIME

PACKAGE 1 price 5 €

  1. Marcube Perpetual V1.zero.2
  2. Marcube Perpetual V3.zero.1
    1. and 2. Software program for Win. Desktop
  3. The Book (pdf) Perpetual Calendar by George Marcu
  4. Here the Link: Standby for a link - we work on this !

All 2023 Year the Download was FREE!
Peuple that hase download the 2023 Promotional Package and that think it's a good WORK!

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PACKAGE 2 price 10 € (here Pacage 1 is included)

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Dear Friend, let me tell you
I see People, Facts, Story, Territory, beautiful picturesque peace of land ... and much more, but I don't have the responses to all ...
Anyway perpetual calendar is obvious, practice and have benefits.

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  • In accord with ours "New Year Resolutions", we changed The Price !
  • Only One Price for the Package: 14.95 €  10 Euro
  • You have:
  • The Book 17 pages
  • The Software Calendar Perpetual for Windows Desktop V3.0.12 with the parallel of the Gregorian Calendar
  • The Software Calendar Perpetual for Windows Desktop V1.1.1 with the parallel of the Gregorian Calendar

  • PLUS The MarCube Perpetual V1zero and V3zero
    from the MarCubePerpetual5EuroPackage

  • Note: The difference between V1 - V3:

    V1 = Perpetual Calendar 12 Months(V1.1.1)  and
    V3 = Perpetual Calendar 13 Months(V3.0.12).


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